24 Hour Holter monitor

All valid referrals for diagnostic tests are BULK BILLED, except for blood pressure monitor which does not have Medicare rebate.

Holter Monitoring lasts for 24 hours and records your heart rate and rhythm. Small electrodes are attached to your chest during this time the device records all your heartbeats . You wear a small recorder and wires run from the recorder to electrodes attached to your chest. You can go about your normal daily activities. You are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing. You cannot shower or remove the electrodes or monitor from your person for 24 hours.

Patient will be given a holter monitor study sheet at the time of fitting the monitor and instructed on how to wear the monitor.  Patients are encouraged to record any symptoms such as  Heart Pounding,  Palpitations, Chest pain ,Dizziness or , shortness of breath  ,  Daily activity and times they may feel at the time the monitor is attached

Some patient may experience some irritation of the skin where the electrodes have been attached , this will disappear over time.

Please note: Males may require their chest hair to be shaved to enable attachment of electrodes as the hair interferes with the recording. Please advise staff if this is an issue. Duration 10 – 15 mins to fit/ 5 – 10 minutes to remove the following day.

**sensitive electrodes can be used for this test please advise reception staff at time of fitting monitor.

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