CT Coronary Angiogram and Calcium Scoring

CTCA- computerized tomography (CT) coronary angiogram is a non invasive coronary angiogram.
It is an imaging test that looks at the arteries that supply your heart with blood. CT coronary angiogram relies on a powerful X-ray machine to produce images of your heart and its blood vessels. CT angiograms are noninvasive and don’t require any recovery time. Coronary CT angiograms are increasingly an option for people with a variety of heart conditions.

If you have known coronary artery disease, conventional coronary angiogram may be a better option, since you can also receive treatment for your coronary artery disease during that procedure.
Current Australian medicare guidelines involve a cardiologist or physician assessment of your symptoms to assess if CT coronary angiogram is an appropriate test for you.

Coronary calcium scan. Limited test to assess your risk for coronary artery disease. This test uses a special type of computerized tomography to check for calcium in your coronary arteries, which can be a risk factor for coronary artery disease. No dye is injected during a coronary calcium scan.

Both these tests are offered off site, at radiology practices, but our cardiologist can assess the appropriate test suitable for you.

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